Are you a retailer looking for a world-class Quick Commerce platform?

Who we are?

Sparrowhawk Systems is a provider of mobile systems for Quick Commerce based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Here a dedicated team has spent two years developing one of the best end-to-end Quick Commerce platforms. With full support for Last Mile deliveries, warehouse management (WMS) and integrated (IRL) communication for end-users.

For inquiries please contact: softwareservices@sparrowhawk.se

All the features you want

Mobile System

One of the best end-to-end
Quick Commerce platforms.

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Marketing Strategy

Creating of a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage.

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Brand Building

Brand awareness strategy.

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Graphic Design

Improving of visual details.

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A methodology of strategies and tactics to increase the amount of visitors to your website.

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Full control over every step of your sales.

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